North Subarea – Lynnwood Link Extension & Bus Service Restructure

Thank you for your interest in the 2024 Service Plan. The feedback period for this online open house was from July 10 to Aug. 6, 2023 and is now closed. For more information about the 2024 Service Plan please visit our website.

Ahead of light rail extending to Lynnwood as early as summer/fall 2024, this 2024 Service Plan is proposing changes to light rail and express bus service. We invite you to learn about the proposed changes in the north subarea and share your feedback with us.

Information on the east and south subareas is available on the 2024 Service Plan website.

A map showing proposed changes to Sound Transit's services in the north subarea, which connects Snohomish County and North King County to the Seattle area. The map shows the proposed changes in the context of the areas north and east of Seattle.   

    The map shows a Sounder train route from Everett to King Street Station. Link light rail lines (referred to as the 1 Line on the map) are also shown. The 1 Line is depicted in green showing the route once Lynnwood Link Extension opens; Lynnwood City Center is shown in the north and Mt. Baker in the south. The 2 Line is also shown, but with a different shading depicting the East Link Starter Line from South Bellevue to Redmond Technology. The remainder of the 2 Line that could potentially open later than the East Link Starter Line is shown with a lighter coloring; those areas that may open later stretch from downtown Seattle to South Bellevue, as well as the area between Redmond Technology and Downtown Redmond.  
    The map also shows proposed changes to Express bus routes. Route 522 is shown running from Woodinville to Roosevelt Station in Seattle, route 512 is shown from Everett to Lynnwood City Center and 513 is shown from Seaway Transit Center to Lynnwood City Center. Routes 510 and 511 are depicted in a light gray dotted line, indicating that Sound Transit is proposing eliminating routes 510 and 511 in 2024
Proposed changes to all of Sound Transit’s north subarea routes are shown in the above map | Click to enlarge
Photo of an Express bus route 513 driving in the fast lane along a highway.
An ST Express Bus 513 drives down the highway. See proposed changes to route 513 and other bus routes serving the area north of Seattle.

1 Line Extension to Lynnwood

As early as summer/fall 2024, Link light rail will extend from Northgate into Snohomish County, serving four new stations: Shoreline South/148th, Shoreline North/185th, Mountlake Terrace, and Lynnwood City Center. An additional station will open at NE 130th Street in 2026.

Service to Lynnwood was originally planned to open as an extension of both the 1 Line (Lynnwood–Angle Lake) and the 2 Line (Lynnwood–Redmond). However due to construction delays on the I-90 bridge delaying full 2 Line service into 2025, service to Lynnwood will initially operate as an extension of the 1 Line only, with trains up to every eight minutes during peak hours, every 10 minutes midday, evenings and weekends, and every 15 minutes early morning and late at night.

We’re continuing to evaluate how often trains will run when the four new stations open next year. We anticipate trains will be crowded at times due to fewer trains running than we planned, and we are working hard to provide the most service possible within our constraints.

You can stay up to date on construction progress and service opening dates for this and other Sound Transit projects here.

What you should know:

  • The 1 Line is extending from Northgate to Lynnwood and will open as early as summer/fall 2024. Trains could run every eight minutes during weekday peak hours.
  • Service to Lynnwood will roughly double when the full 2 Line opens in 2025.
  • Visit the project website for more details about the four new stations.
  • Our partner agencies will change bus service to connect to Link trains as well. Visit King County Metro’s Lynnwood Link Connections website and Community Transit’s Transit Changes page for more details.

Timelines are subject to change

These proposals are not final and may change, be partially implemented or deferred in response to partner agency operating capacity.

Map showing the new Link light rail stations in north Seattle and Snohomish County that are anticipated to open as early as summer or fall 2024. The depicted map shows the stations associated with the new Lynnwood Link Extension.  


    The Link light rail route is described as the 1 Line, which will be the route line name once other Link extension lines open in the future. The 1 Line route is depicted in green on the map, as it stretches from Lynnwood City Center in the north to Northgate Station in the south. Future stations are shown along the 1 Line with a circle, along with the station names. The future stations, from the northernmost station to the southernmost station shown in the map, are as follows: Lynnwood City Center, Mountlake Terrace, Shoreline North / 185th, Shoreline South / 148th, Northeast 130th, and Northgate Station. Please note the Northeast 130th Station is anticipated to open at a later date in 2026.  
    The map also depicts the future 2 Line, which will stretch from Lynnwood City Center to Redmond once fully open. The 2 Line is illustrated with a light blue dotted line. The full 2 Line potential opening timeframe is spring 2025.
Link light rail service will extend from Northgate to Snohomish County as early as summer/fall 2024 | Click to enlarge

ST Express changes

When 1 Line trains extend to Lynnwood, Sound Transit is proposing changes to ST Express bus service in the area to connect riders with new Link stations. New 1 Line service offers a reliable alternative to I-5 congestion and provides an opportunity to change bus service to run more often and/or seven days a week. For example, existing bus routes that currently end at Northgate Station could end at Lynnwood City Center instead, and those service hours can be reinvested to provide more bus service with the same resources.

To see how your Express bus route may change, see the proposed changes below.

Sounder N Line Changes

Sound Transit's commuter rail service operates between Everett, Mukilteo, Edmonds and Seattle on weekdays.

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Next steps

Project timeline

July-August 2023

  • Public comment period
  • Online open house and survey (through Aug. 6)
  • Community-based organization outreach
  • Virtual public meeting (July 17 6 - 7:00 pm)
  • Virtual public meeting (July 26 6 - 7:00 pm)

August-September 2023

  • Review public input

October 2023

  • Sound Transit Board adoption process

December 2023

  • Post final 2024 Service Plan